Cheaper and more effective than Facebook Ads[1]

$1.00 per 100 impressions
Average CTR ~8.5%

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Promote your app in Curated to reach an audience of people looking for great apps.

Simple Setup

Just choose the app you want to advertise and we do the rest. No assets, no text, nothing. Now you don't need a graphic designer, a marketing expert and a product manager just to promote your app.

Open Data

Advertising should be totally transparent. That's why we make the data for our ad campaigns visible to everyone. You can see what apps were advertised, and how each ad was interacted with (CPC, CTR, etc.).

Click here to view data for previous campaigns.

Affordable Rates

$1.00 per 100 impressions. Simple as that. If you've got an awesome app, CPM is the most effective way to advertise. CPC punishes quality adverts by charging them more when the content interests the user. CPM means everyone gets the same amount of views, and only the quality of your app determines the success of your campaign.


We supply standard Google Analytics campaign tracking referrer with all our adverts - so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your ads. The Campaign Source will be 'curated', and the Campaign Name will be the Campagin ID we give you when you create your campaign. For more information, see the Google Analytics docs

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[1]: $0.13 per click on Curated vs. $0.32 for Mobile App Install ad on Facebook. Facebook Ad Performance data taken from The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report (2013)